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Johannes van Dam

traiteur & kruidenier

specialiteiten uit maleisië.singapore.japan

di - zo 16.00 - 20.00

spaarndammerstraat 91a
1013 tc amsterdam
tel 020 3379376
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Aziatische winkel Amsterdam

Yayang is an Oriental caterer and grocer

You are most welcome to come and enjoy:
-   Fresh (take-away) meals, made daily
-   Asian culinary products and presents
-   Oriental tapas and exclusive dinners
-   Cookery courses and workshops on demand
-   Reservation (for 4 persons and above) is recommended and appreciated

Our speciality

authentic recipes from the regional kitchens of Malaysia, Singapore,Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand en Laos.
Come along and try out one of our meals! Our meals are prepared fresh for you everyday in our kitchen. A variety of curries, stir-fry dishes, spicy salades, hearty soup-meals and fingerfood.

Healthy yummy, unique
and hand made with the highest quality ingredients
Do you love Asian food and cooking?
At Yayang you will find an endless array of Asian products you can cook with at home. We also offer home-made sambals, chutneys, Asian snacks, beverages, tea, herbs and spices and unusual gifts.

The Yayang story
The name Yayang is derived from the Malaysian word “Sayang”, it means “Most Beloved”.The shop takes its name from Yayang, a Malaysian friend of the owner, Anja Aurin. Yayang taught her the secrets of authentic Malaysian cooking.

Anja: “Because food in South East Asia is so delicious, I made many trips in the last 25 years to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.”In all of these countries I would stick my nose in every pot, every kitchen I could find. I wanted to learn how to make my favourite meals myself.”

One day, Anja was invited to a small Malaysian fishing-village. Initially she only planned staying there a few days. She ended up staying there a whole year long. Anja learned how to prepare and cook authentic Malaysian meals in that little village. Anja: “I lived with a big family in their house. I learned the language and the recipes, every day something new, as the family had a little restaurant-stall on the local market.”

One of the married daughters living with the family was called Yayang. A gorgeous young mother of 24 years. Anja: “Yayang always made it clear how happy she was that I was there. She made meals for me that just got more and more delicious each time and gave me little presents for me and my family. It was as if we were sisters." That was in 2002.

In the following years Anja visited Yayang's family regularly. She watched the children grow up and learned more and more recipes. Sadly, Yayang was diagnosed with breast-cancer and passed away in 2009. Anja called her shop 'Yayang' as a tribute to her.

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